Monday, July 13, 2009

...And tripping over details

It occured to me that I needed to focus my genealogy stuff seprately then my Letters from Home stuff.  Ergo, Welcome to Wading in the Gene Pool.  It was going to be just the title of a post then I realized that I could do so much more with it. 

So my question is this:  If you start a tree with your child, then the tree branches out to your line and your spouses line...then branches out further with the grandparents and so on and so on until you have 50 different names you are researching.  At what point do you say "I am doing the tree for the Ellefsons, and a tree for the Hadsells..." so that the overall file is not huge!

I have two trees listed on Ancestry and they have some overlapping people, but the focus is for different sides of the family.  I plan on having a primary file with EVERYTHING but for publishing and sharing purposes, I don't want to share  Hadsell informaiton if someone says they are only interested in the Ellefson's even though they are both a part of my tree.

What are the guidelines?  Any hidden rules?


  1. I have wondered about this one myself.I think I should have separated certain lines after I go back a ways,but now I don't know how to do it and worry I will make some terrible error! I like your blogg,keep it up!

  2. that's why when I started to go back in ten different ways, I stopped and created another tree for a different branch and then kept the original as the "master tree." It's a bit of redundancy and probably very inefficient but for the moment it works.