Friday, January 29, 2010

...and having a Surname (Barefield) Saturday

My choice for Surname Saturday for this week is Barefield. This is the surname of my maternal grandmother "Gram Mary."

Name: Mary Louise Barfield
Born: November 26, 193* (I promised I wouldn't publish her real age since she's still alive.), Kansas

Name: Delores Aileen Barefield (Sister)
Born: 07 Jan 1930, in Salinas, Kansas

Name: Robert Boyd Barefield (Brother)
Born: March 13, 1923
Died: May 13, 2003 Minneapolis Kansas

Name: Thelma Barefield (Sister)
Born: 1925 Boston MA

Name: Wiliiam Leroy Barefield (Father)
Born: August 06, 1894,
Died: About 1969, Salinas Kansas

Rumor has it that Leroy's folks came from Alabama but I haven't been able to research that far yet...

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  1. My last name is Barefield and I'm from Alabama. There are a lot of us here, at least as far as I can research. It seems that the Barefield name goes back to the first settlements in America. The name came from England and dates to around 1066 (Battle of Hastings).