Thursday, January 28, 2010

....and I'm just clarifying here

so one last thought before I shut down my computer tonight. I was told today that the title of my blog sounded like some bio-engineering, genetic techno-geek-ish thing... I'm a big fat rock right now and I'm sitting in the middle of my gene pool. I am a product of my gene pool, of my mother and father and of their mother's and father's and so on and so on. Eventually time and history will wear me down to a pebble but that's okay. My children are products of their gene pools, which is linked with mine and their respective fathers. Then they get to be the big fat rocks, and my little pebble-ish self will be at the the bottom of their pool.

It's not bioengineering's history, of the family kind....

And if I introduce myself to you as "Hi, my name is Staci and I see Dead People," no, I am not psychic. I'm a genealogist here folks...It's my job to see dead people by way of their family stories and stuff.

Geesh..see what I get for trying to be clever? for trying to be "punny?"

I know I'm not the only genea-fanatic who has a similar sense of humor...c'mon, share with me here folks....out with it...what the are the little in jokes, snarky comments and Punnies that you use with non-geneafans?

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  1. I LOVE the name of your blog! This is my first visit and as soon as I read it I knew that I wanted to follow you. I think it is very clever and creative. Sometimes I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb cuz I've been bitten by "the bug." There are so many of us out there that totally get it! I very much look forward to following you as you wade in your gene pool (by the way the way what a great catch phrase to put on a mug or shirt - ever try Zazzle?) I say let your light shine! :)