Saturday, February 13, 2010

..and having a Surname Saturday with the Liles

Every family has a skeleton in their closet and a black sheep.  Mine may have been my beloved Percy.  Rumor has it she was not married to my Grandma Dorothy's father. Doorthy's birth certificate had to be corrected at least once to my knowledge.  The copy that I have lists one Virgil Lile, age 32 from Kansas, as the father of my Grandma Dorothy in 1927.  Beyond that I have no more information.  I'd love to get more info, but I don't know how to confirm the info I get since I have so limited of information as it is AND it's a corrected birth certificate, so I can't be 100% sure that it's legit. 

What's odd is that growing up, You never could have convinced me that Percy was such a rebel.  Heh.  She's just looking down on me from up on high and still keeping me on my toes 20 years after she left me.   Gotta love that woman.

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