Friday, February 26, 2010

...and notating one more day's progress

One more day to go...I'm pretty happy with my results, considering I didn't have the time I wanted due to being sick last week; however, I'm still pleased.

Expand your knowledge:

Task A: Use Google Maps to map out an ancestral location.  Create a map that you can then embed into a blog post.  To learn more see Google Maps and Carnival Posts at Bootcamp for GeneaBloggers.   

        Completed on February 20, 2010

Task C: Create a memorial page for an ancestor using either Footnote’s Create A Page feature or their Facebook application I Remember.

         Completed February 26, 2010

Task D: Visit tutorial and learning pages of popular websites such as or FamilySearch’s excellent articles repository.

        Completed on February 19, 2010

Task E: Create a surname visualization using Wordle, Word It Out or a similar application.  Post the graphic to your blog.

        Completed on February 15, 2010

Qualifications for “Expand Your Knowledge”:

•    Complete any four tasks – Diamond Medal   

Write Write Write:

Task A: Write a summary of what your blog is about and post it on your blog – you may not have done this since you started the blog and it is a great way to have new readers learn more about your site. If your blog uses the Blogger platform, consider using the new Pages feature as described in Blogger Announces New Pages Feature.

        Completed February 21, 2010

Task C: Prepare several posts in draft mode and pre-publish them.

         Completed February 24, 2010 (three posts for next week)

Task D: Write a brief biographical sketch on one of your ancestors.
       In progress.

Task E: Create a page on your blog listing surnames, ahnentafel reports or using some other topic.  This will help new visitors to your blog understand your area of research.  Again, consider using the new Pages feature as described in Blogger Announces New Pages Feature.

          Completed on February 26,2010

Task F: Participate in a 52 Weeks To Better Genealogy Challenge.

        Completed February 20, 2010, (Week 7, playing with Google Maps)

Qualifications for “Write, Write, Write!”:

    * Complete any four tasks – Diamond Medal

6. Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness!

Task A: Comment on a new (to you) genealogy blog.  See the New Genealogy Blogs tag at GeneaBloggers for the newest blogs.

      completed February 26,2010

Task B: Post one or more gravestone photos at Find A Grave.

   Completed February 25, 2010

Task C: Invite other genealogists to join Facebook, GenealogyWise, Twitter or some other social media network where genealogists meet.

    Completed February 20

Task D: Assist another researcher with a research request or lookup. See AnceStories “Random Acts of Kindness Week” posts for ideas for this item and Item E

 Task E: Participate in an indexing project.

    This is pretty much something that is done almost daily.  I participate in indexing project for both and Family search.  It's not a lot over the course of a week, but it's something.

Task F: Join a genealogical, historical, heritage or lineage society.

Task G: Use the Follow feature on a Blogger-based genealogy blog and follow one or more blogs.

              Completed on February 25, 2010

Qualifications for “Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness!”:

    * Complete five or more tasks – Platinum Medal    

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