Sunday, February 7, 2010

..And thinking of where to find old pictures.

So I have come to the realization that I am an obsessive type of person.  I don't mean crazy obsessive...but enough to have my own little persnickety quirks that I deal with.  With that said it's no surprise that one or two of the quirks relates to my genealogy research and/or my contributions to the Genealogical community.  Let me explain....

I have a thing about old pictures...I have started posting some of these in the 'Pool, as I get them and scan them....they are almost always the start of a new genealogy project.   I usually find these pictures at a local antique market that occurs in Tucson once a month.  I don't buy all the pictures that I see.  Often I just get the ones that are in a group, with a series of family pictures.  I was able to do this with the Blenmans from here in Tucson.  I found a series of pictures of the Blenman family and was interested in learning more about them so I did some research. 

I prefer pictures with some sort of identification or story included.  Often this is written on the back in faded pencil and I keep hoping that if I post these on my blog that someone will find the useful, maybe find a relative.  It's probably silly on my part but it makes me feel like I am contributing.

Which brings me to the thing that Vexes me the most about buying pictures at an antique market.  The fact that I CAN buy them.  It's like being able to buy your families memories.

But that is probably just my issue. 

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