Tuesday, February 16, 2010

...Looking at a Tombstone Tuesday with a few that served in WWII

So one of the ways that I encourage Keith to help me take pictures for Find a Grave is by agreeing to focus my pictures on those who's Tombstones are those of former soldiers.

Today's post is dedicated to my hubby who is my partner is historical crime (research only):

Edmund P Crowley
Born Apr 9, 1908
Died Mar 8, 1977
US Army World War II

Katherine H Crowley
Born Oct 5, 1915
Died Mar 2002

David O Coulter
Born Oct 29, 1906
Died Dec 12, 1968
From Ohio
PVT Quartermaster Corps  World War II


Helen Bailey McComb
Born Jun 10, 1920
Died Oct 26, 2969

Ensign (NC) US NAVY
World War II

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