Sunday, March 7, 2010

...and paying tribute to "Nana G or Fred"

My great Grandmother's full given name is Gladys Iva Roberts.  I grew up calling her Nana G.  My mother called her Fred.  I'm not sure why, and I don't think I ever got an answer from my mother as to why she referred to Nana as Fred, she just did.

I was the first great grandchild of my generation...that may have been why I felt closer with my great grandparents comparatively speaking then with my grandparents.  I must have been particularly spoiled and/or doted on...this is the only picture I have of my Nana G, with me at 4 years old, who passed away in 1983:

One of the things I remember about Nana G, was that she was a 7th day Adventist...and every Saturday she met with her "Dorcas" church group.  I remember often hearing her talk about the other ladies, and I remember visiting the group at the church...often mending donated clothes.  Nana G used that opportunity to teach me how to hand sew.  Nothing spectacular just a simple little line stitch, just enough for me to make a small 3 by 3 square "quilt block."

Nana G was really sick, with cancer when she passed.  My mother and I had flown back to Santa Maria to spend some time with her while she was in the hospital.  Mom decided after a week to have me fly back alone and she stayed for another week.  Nana stayed with us the entire time of my visit.  I flew back home and my mom called me that night at home and said that Nana had passed away while I was in flight.  I have always chosen to believe that she waited until I left to say goodbye. 

I was 12 then, I'm 39 now.  I miss Mom's Fred.  I wish I had more pictures of her.  But as luck would have it, I have managed to reconnect with a cousin, who has pictures of both my Nana G and her brother Roby...I look forward to sharing those images of such an astounding woman.

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