Sunday, April 18, 2010

...and am Ancestor Approved!

I was blessed enough last week to be awarded the Ancestor Approved  Award by Linda over at Documenting the Details (Thanks Linda!!!!!).  As part of the award, I have to write down 10 things about my ancestors that  I have learned/been amazed by/or just flat been blown away by.  I then will pass the award to ten other genea-bloggers that are also deserving of this honor.

  1. The first thing I learned that I was Castillian Spanish.   For me that was just amazing.  It is what started me on my genealogical journey as an adult. Discovering my Orella Line.  I have many thanks to share with my fellow Orellas, especially Michael and Elizabeth.
  2. I learned that an oral history is vital to encouraging the next generation to retain the family history.
  3. I learned that Twins really do run in my family.  I had thought that my girls were fluke twin babies until I researched my Grumbles line and realized that my Great Great Grandmother Amanda had two sisters that were twins.  
  4. My Hadsell ancestors have their own island in Norway!
  5. I learned that Kansas has a whole lot of different counties!  And I have Barefields, Hadsells, and Shoups.
  6. I realized that my Grandpa Hadsell was the key to my interest in family history and picture taking.  The Orella's were the key I needed as an adult but Grandpa Hadsell was the spark from my childhood.
  7. I learned that the women in my family were all spirited and rebellious.  And here I thought it was just me.
  8. I learned that I am much like my Nana Percy.  I remember being in awe of the woman who could keep my dad's friends and himself in check when she was under 5 foot tall, and they were affectionately known as the Wrecking crew.  Now, I'm just proud to know that she lives on in myself and my daughters.
  9. I have learned that there are a whole lotta Ellefson's in Minnesota and Wisconson.  My Hubby is cousin, son, or brother to just about all of them.  I still am working on connecting those dots.
  10. I am learning that my Grandma Dorothy was a helluva lot more complex then I ever thought.

Here are the folks that have Genea-blogs that I read, that inspire me, that keep me honest and keep me sane when I can't post or if I just need a different perspective.  Some of these have already received an award, but I feel that they deserve a second...

  1. Amy at We Tree
  2. Thomas at GeneaBloggers
  3. John at Anglo-Celtic Connections
  4. Randy at Genea-Musings
  5. Elyse at Elyse's Genealogy Blog
  6. Mary at Mary's Musings
  7. Liz at The Ancestral Archaeoligist
  8. Kelly at Family History Fun
  9. Jennifer at Climbing my Family Tree
  10. Katie at The Gene Cleaner

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