Sunday, May 9, 2010

...and paying homage to the Mother's before me

Lena Behymer (b. 1869)

Lulu Crystal Harris (Daughter of Lena Behymer and William Shoup)

Mardell Pearl (Percy) Percell (on the right) and Dorothy Mae Wheeler (on the left)
Dorothy Mae is my Paternal grandmother and Percy was my Great Grandmother.  (Also the daughter of LuLu)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

...Wordless-ly Sharing my new Favorite photo this Wednesday

...and considering the double edged sword

So it occurred to me yesterday that while Genealogy is my passion, my hobby is collecting old photographs.  I prefer anything older then 1950 but I'm a sucker for anything that tells a story.

Which brings me to a self imposed dilemma.  I collect the old pictures because I want to scan them and post them to the blog and maybe, a descendant of one of the subjects will find it and have a copy in their connection.  I live in Southern Arizona with no family history here...All of my ancestors are from Southern California, or Illinois or Kansas basically.  All of my research has been done online.  It is very important to me that I provide the documents that I have online because I can't be the only internet genealogist in the world.

So I have my hobby, and I'd like to think that my reasons for purchasing the pictures are noble.  But then again I have a fundemental issue with people who sell family pictures for profits.  There has always got to be some familhy member willing to take the family photo album.  There have been family feuds over who gets what pictures of Great Aunt Camillia with her pet Shepard could somone just sell a piece of family heritage?

Am I a hypocrite?  I mean, I'm providing the market for someone to sell a piece of their family heritage, right?  I don't think so...I think it boils down to perserving a legacy.

Which brings me to my next post tomorrow.  I met a wonderfully articulate gentleman at the antique fair yesterday.  I'll tell you more about him tomorrow.