Monday, September 6, 2010

...and meeting the Hohenstein's, Part 1.

Back in April I introduced you to Jeannie (Dewey) Hohenstein.  I had obtained a copy of her wedding memory book and her eighth grade graduation certificate at a flea market in South Tucson.  Last week, I went back to the same flea market and stumbled across this scrapbook (I stand corrected, Keith actually found it.  I was too busy eating an awesome chicken Quesadilla at Sergio's little food stand).  Always on the look out for new genealogical/historical projects, I looked at this and realized that this belonged to Jeannie.  It contains report cards from Jeannie's husband, Erwin Hohnstien school days, as well as school pictures, news paper clippings of their married life together, and information from their children. 

I believe that one of the primary reason I created Wading in the Gene Pool was to explore my own genealogical research but also to provide an online resource for others family lines.  Maybe there are non Arizona Hohenstien's out there trying to research their family history and they stumble by the pool and learn about their family.  Who knows?

Taking inspiration (as I often do) from Amy over at We Tree, I decided to post pictures from each page of the scrapbook a few at a time, until I have completed the scrapbook.

So without further ado, Ladies and Gentleman, may I please introduce Jeannie and Erwin Hohenstien....

Below is the front of the scrapbook

 On the inside cover of the scrapbook there is a notation from Jeannie Hohenstein:
"This Scrapbook was put together in spring of 1983 by Jeannie Hohenstein from clippings and school stuff we both had saved all our 69 years-- with (ed: possibly "help from our parents") mostly Erwin, but we were married on November 25, 1937. This is to be kept in case some parts are needed later--in Tiffany and Holly's lifetime.  Also the obituary's and clippings of interest and celebrations.  I'll continue to on through 83 and to 84 and etc.  This is Book #1 in case I make some more later if I run out of pages and God lets me stay active and alive.  I am Joyce's mother--Tiffany and Holly grandma."

The first page of the scrapbook contains three Valentine's Day cards from Erwin as well as a hand colored Santa Claus.

That's it for now.  Page 2-5 to follow soon.

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