Monday, September 20, 2010

...and meeting the Hohenstein's, Part 2

Thankfully, I Lucked into a day off of the day job today and decided to devote the day to genea-stuff. I spent 3 hours indexing the 1930 census at Family Search.  I've got some more posts pre-done and decided to create my own little blogging prompt.  Woot for me! 

So without further ado, here is the start of Monday Meet....and it's only appropriate that I begin with part two of "..and meeting the Hohenstein's" 

[Part One of the Hohenstein's series, inspired by Amy over at We Tree, can be found here.]

 Edwin's mother did a fantastic job preserving his grade school report cards. The one above is from third grade.

 Take a look at Edwin's class picture from grade school.  Edwin is second from the right on the top row.  Everyone is so serious.  Wow.

Edwin's Graduation Card

Edwin's Senior picture.  Edwin is dead center in the middle row.

Here's a copy of the future Mrs. Hohenstien's high school admission certificate. 

I hope you are enjoying meeting the Hohenstien's.  Jennie was a very thorough scrapbooker and this book is a perfect capture of the life they had together.

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