Thursday, January 27, 2011

..and wooping it up at the Arizona Family History Expo, Part 2

I started my initial review of the Arizona Family History Expo, that occurred last weekend in Mesa Arizona, two days ago and realized that all wouldn't fit in one blog post. I just had too much fun....

So after the Keynote address with Lisa Louise Cook, my daughter and I went to set up with the other Bloggers in the Exhibition Hall, in the area aptly referred to as "the BlogHouse." We arrived other then the other Bloggers of Honor, so we commandeered another nearby table, which I referred to as the auxiliary "Bloghouse." I have to admit I was having issues with my laptop, so it took me longer to log in. I needn't have worried. My fellow Bloggers of Honor were having issues logging into the Mesa WiFi system. After a few minutes and a timely rescue by Grant, the Wonder tech, we were all blogging and twitting.

And then I saw it. I saw the FlipPalbooth!!!! In my defense, I actually considered being a good girl and waiting until my tax refund came in at the end of the month before ordering the Flip Pal online. That consideration lasted all of about 30 seconds before I abandoned my poor daughter to race over to the Flip Pal booth and bought my new Genealogy "BLING." Five minutes later, and $170 poorer, I was giggling like a school girl.

Thankfully, while I was off spending money, Mary Bowden, from Me and My ancestors came over and sat down with my daughter and ohhh'd and ahhh'd over my new toy. If you have the opportunity to visit Mary's Blog, please do so. She's a warm, intelligent, personable person and she has a fantastic blog. She also has (much to my camera shy Daughter's chagrin and my amusement) a picture of me and my daughter in the background during the Expo. Fantastic!!!!! Thanks Mary! You are awesome!

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